Github Copilot — Developer's other half.


How fascinating it is to start a line of code, and the next line(s) is completed by Artificial Intelligence. How cool does that sound?

Github Copilot
GitHub Copilot…

Github and Open AI created the Github copilot as a helper and a colleague for every developer. It is powered by GPT-3 and capable of writing code automatically. I discovered Copilot a few months back and it has been wonderful, having it suggest blocks of code has really helped me to speed up the development process. Just write in a descriptive function name or comment and it suggests to you automatically the next block of code(s).

There is this really cool video on youtube by that summaries it and also talks about controversies surrounding the copilot.



Emmanuel Nwanochie

A software developer with about 3yrs + experience in designing, developing, and testing web applications.